Purposes of the Society

  • To advance the art and science of periodontology
  • To explore and discuss problems of mutual interest with those in the practice of Periodontics
  • To enlighten the public concerning the pandemic nature of periodontal disease and the need to seek periodontal treatment, including replacing hopeless teeth with implants


The New Jersey Society of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry, one of the oldest continuous state societies, was started in 1954 by a group of periodontists. It has been growing steadily since its inception. Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry encompassing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that support teeth and implants. This includes restoring the health of tissues (gums) surrounding teeth as well as replacing non-restorable teeth with implants. Also included in current periodontics are creating environments that make implant placement possible.


Active membership shall be limited to dentists who are licensed in the state of New Jersey to practice periodontics. An active member must limit his/her practice to Periodontics or be devoted full time to academics, in the federal services and/or research in the field of periodontology.