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Spring 2019 Meeting – Hands-On Course                 (Limited to the first 30 registrants)  

“Live Surgical Training on Piezosurgery and Navident”

Presented By: Dr. Robert Horowitz / Piezosurgery & Navident
Date: May 1, 2019
Location: Pines Manor 2085 NJ-27 Edison, NJ 08817


8:00 AM to 8:30 AM – Registration
8:30 AM to 12:00 PM – Hands-On Course using Piezosurgery Units
12:00 PM to 12:30 PM – Lunch
12:45 PM to 4:30 PM – Hands-On Course using Navident
(Breakfast and Lunch will be provided)


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Learn More About Dr. Horowitz:

Updates in Techniques, Technologies, and Biomaterials for the Periodontist

Piezosurgery, Dynamic Surgical Navigation and more

Combining case presentations, lecture and hands-on opportunities throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to discover the many surgical applications that are enhanced and perfected utilizing these patented technologies.

Piezosurgery was developed by Mectron and was the first ultrasonic bone surgery unit on the market. It has the most research and longest follow-up time. You will see cases with and gain exposure to ridge split, implant placement and lateral and vertical sinus augmentation modalities in addition to new uses for SAVING TEETH! With ideally shaped and tuned tips, micro motion and chilled sterile water or saline, the utmost safety and precision in minimally invasive surgery is available at your fingertips. New calibration devices and tracking arms can attach to the Piezosurgery handpiece. With this marriage, the absolute accuracy of Dynamic Surgical Navigation can be combined with the precision of Piezosurgery for multiple types of surgeries.

Traditional omnivac-type stents give minimal accuracy when directing burs for implant osteotomy development. Milled stents may restrict irrigation and require the purchasing of expensive keyed drill sets. Dynamic Surgical Navigation with the Claronav system and Navident eliminates these issues. You will see the ease of use of the planning software, the ability to change the plan “on the fly” due to variable bone or other issues. Gone are issues of limited access from a stent in patients with small mouths, over-erupted teeth or both. Attendees will have the ability to try the system and see the simplicity and accuracy inherent within.

In with these new technologies will be discussed the biologic advantages of novel bone replacement grafts, growth enhancers and barriers.